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I am Allan Schein, son of Max and Ethel Schein of the Bronx and Yonkers, New York. Coins are an interest I have had from the amazingly early age of two years old. My Father was a pioneer of the Coin Operated Washing business in New York, designing a coin meter that sat on the rounded "yoke" of a 1938 Bendix Washing Machine. This invention allowed him to build a successful business and laundry route in the Bronx, and expand throughout the greater New York area. Maxie worked long hard hours, and at days end still had to count and prepare the money collected from his machines for bank deposit. So to spend time with his little boy, he showed me what could and could not be deposited to the bank. Even a two year old could differentiate a silver dime from a brass New York City subway taken. And that was my first "job", picking out whatever could not be deposited. It was one of my jobs until college, and after, among others. So I developed a pretty good eye for the different and unusual. Much later in life I devoted full time to numismatics, and have had some moderate success and a lot of fun.

From an early age I was an athlete, competitive swimmer, cyclist, distance hiker and later advanced to being an endurance athlete and triathlete. As an adult after a modest triathlon career I began training in the Martial Arts, with a core style in Taekwondo, in the Jidokwan lineage. My Grandmaster is considered one of the all time living greats, Grandmaster Dong Keun Park. He was Captain of the Korean National team from 1960-1966, undefeated in his lifetime. In 1992 he was the head coach for the US National Taekwondo team in Barcelona. He distinguished himself as the most winning coach of any individual sport from any nation, with 13 of 16 athletes medaling, many in Gold. Thanks to his knowledge and instruction I am proud to have earned my 8th degree Black Belt, awarded to me in December 2015.

My first book was written in partnership with Grandmaster Park in 2006, Taekwondo Basics, Techiniques and Forms; The Indomitable Martial Art of Korea. My first coin book was self published in December 2014 as a bilingual work about a Mexican coin series. Mexican Beauty. Un Peso Caballito was the winner of the NLG World Coin Book of the year in 2015, and I was bestowed the great honor of receiving the Alberto Francisco Pradeau Award on May 20th, 2016 by the Mexican Numismatic Society. The congratulatory letter announcing this prestigious award cited "the investigation, study and conclusions are considered of great merit for the understanding of Mexican Numismatics". This honor is both gratifying and humbling.

The Gold Indians of Bela Lyon Pratt is my most recent numismatic work, being released formally at the recent ANA Anaheim Money show on August 8th, 2016. The reviews and accolades expressed by key individuals in the numismatic community have been extremely complimentary. It has been referred to as a "Truly great numismatic work", and "Highly recommended" by industry experts. It is with great pride that I receive these comments as they are both gratifying and humbling. I believe collectors and dealers will both find this new release a valuable information filled comprehensive reference.

It is my hope that you find all my books of value as references, and I encourage you to make inquiries if you have any questions. Coins of the series I write about are always available, and I buy and sell with increasing regularity.

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