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Preface letter by Dr. Chungwon Choue, President,
  World Taekwondo Federation
Preface Letter by Great Grandmaster of Jido Kwan,
    Chong Woo Lee

Grandmaster Dong Keun Park                                   
Master Allan Schein
History of Tae Kwon Do
     Early Tae Kwon Do
     Koguryo Dynasty
     Paekjae Kingdom
     The Middle Years
         Chosun Dynasty
     The Modern Years
The National Flags
     American Flag
     Korean National Flag

Your instructors
Choosing a school
    The Dojang
     Dojang rules
     Your First Class
         Bow in
         Basic techniques

    Ways to use feet
     Kicks of Tae Kwon Do
    Ways to use hands
    Hand strikes
    Striking techniques

Technique progression
One-Step Sparring
    25 techniques from beginner through
     probation black belt
Poomse / Forms
    Taegeuk Il Jang (1 jang), 8th Gup
    Taegeuk Ee Jang (2 jang), 7th Gup
    Taegeuk Sam Jang (3 jang), 6th Gup
    Taegeuk Sa Jang (4 jang), 5th Gup
    Taegeuk Oh Jang (5 jang), 4th Gup
    Taegeuk Yook Jang (6 jang), 3rd Gup
    Taegeuk Chil Jang (7 jang), 2nd Gup 
    Taegeuk Pal Jang (8 jang), 1st Gup
     Poomse Koryo
Breaking techniques
Free sparring basics
     15 Competition Sparring Techniques
Competition Tae Kwon Do
    Olympic Competition Rules

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Grandmaster Dong Keun Park performing two hand simultaneous double brick break.

Grandmaster Dong Keun Park performing knifehand speed break through a single brick. Brick holder is his "brother" Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park.

Above is an example of our layout for the WTF Taegeuk forms. Its easy to follow, flows in the actual direction the form is performed, and is visually stunning. Movements to the rear show two models performing identical moves, one from the front, the other from behind. Every subtle detail is visible thanks to the finest quality digital photography and exceptional full color printing on a fine coated, durable glossy  paper stock.

Dear Reader,

Grandmaster D.K. Park and I are very proud to present our book
Tae Kwon Do
Basics, Techniques and Forms; The Indomitable Martial Art of Korea
to the martial arts community. Whether you are first beginning your training, or seeking to broaden your knowledge, you will find this book a useful tool filled with valuable easy to follow instructions. We believe without question that Tae Kwon Do has the best kicking
techniques of all the martial systems. And Tae Kwon Do also includes most every hand technique imaginable. Tae Kwon Do is devastating as a defensive system, and equally as formidable on offense, when required. As an Olympic sport, Tae Kwon Do has become increasingly popular, with there now being more than 60 million
practitioners within the 179 member nations of the World Taekwondo Federation.
With the WTF and ITF now in discussions regarding Olympic Style TKD, this book is
especially valuable for all competitors, and is up to date with complete Olympic competition rules. It is our sincere wish that you find great use and practical value from the information, techniques, personal experience and knowledge included within the pages of our book.

Most Respectfully Yours,
Grandmaster Dong Keun Park
          Master Allan Schein

Master Allan Schein

Grandmaster Dong Keun Park

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